School-based Harmonica Education Scheme

Recruiting Partner Schools for “School-based Harmonica Education Scheme”

Co-op Harmonica is launching its first "School-based Harmonica Education Scheme” in Hong Kong. We wish to partner with one secondary school, one primary school and one kindergarten in each of the 18 districts in this first launch. The application is now open and we are inviting all local schools to register for free as one of our Partner Schools (First-come; first-served).

The short-term goal of the scheme is to empower music teachers of these schools to deliver harmonica music education in music lessons. If the implementation receives good response, the medium-term goal is to help partner schools promote a schoolwide harmonica learning atmosphere. The long-term goal is to help partner schools establish their own harmonica bands so that students can have invaluable experiences in both local and overseas competitions and performances.

To facilitate the launch, Co-op Harmonica is organising a “Harmonica Education in Music Lessons - Train the Trainer Workshop" (Conducted in Cantonese) on June 2, 2019. The workshop is for Music Panels and Music Teachers while School Principals are also welcome. With the quota of 70 seats in total, the registration and ticket reservation would be on a first come first served basis, with priority given to schools who have registered for “School-based Harmonica Education Scheme”.

Apply now to become one of our Partner Schools!

Benefits of Partner Schools

Priority Joining Workshops

Harmonica Education in Music Lessons -

Train The Trainer Workshop (Conducted in Cantonese)


1. About Co-op Harmonica

2. About the Scheme

3. Suggested Harmonica Models

4. Teacher Training on Harmonica Teaching

5. Detailed Execution Plan

6. Budget Plan

7. Expected Outcome

8. Potentials for Future Development

9. Ref: Instruments of a Harmonica Orchestra

10. Ref: Different Kinds of Harmonica Ensemble

Phone Enquiry: +852 60897550

Email Enquiry: [email protected]

Priority Ordering Harmonicas

Co-op Harmonica has selected an ideal harmonica model for beginners for Partner Schools to deliver harmonica education in their music lessons. (Available for preorder on a First-come, first-served basis)

Are you worried about the financial resources the school may need to launch the project? No worries at all! With the cost per harmonica lower than HKD50, it costs less than HKD5000 launching the Scheme to 100 students!

Join the Partner School Network

Being a Partner School, Co-op Harmonica helps your school to be connected with other partner schools, fostering music exchange and collaboration within and across districts